The Your Agency Difference

The key difference is our unique business model- Your Agency has been specifically designed with our clients in mind!


At Your Agency, each agent is an independent business owner. When they take on your listing, they will be spending their own money and time marketing your property. They do not get paid a wage from Your Agency and only get paid once your property is successfully SOLD and settled.

Our past clients will all tell you this is a massive incentive for us to do the job properly and ensure your property is successfully sold!

As we only get paid on results, only fully licensed agents with years of experience can work at Your Agency. All our agents are dedicated business owners, confident in their own ability and determined to build their individual businesses one sale at a time.

Instead of feeling like just another transaction our aim is to act for fewer clients and devote all our attention to successfully selling your property!

Each agent is an agency principal in their own right; as well as a specialist in selling real estate in their respective areas. The Your Agency family operates as a team, we collaborate and share buyers through our centralised database right across the network.

Each and every agent is backed up with cutting edge technology, strong systems and endless support from our Head Office; which also offers Property Management, Finance and Projects.