Lambton, NSW

Lambton are residential suburbs located around some of Newcastle’s main roads making it a convenient suburb for transport.


Lambton was originally the creation of the Scottish Australian Mining Company in 1862. Part of the site was cleared for a town and by 1929 it was regarded as a residential area. By 1870 the township was thriving and the Lambton Council Chambers were erected in 1887. An interesting fact about Lambton is that in 1889, it was the first municipality to install electric lighting. It was in the 1920’s that major land subdivisions were sold and Lambton Park was created. Mining finally stopped in Lambton in June 1936. The suburb enjoyed a building boom after WWII and became the densely populated residential area that it is today.

Sport and Recreation Facilities

The Lambton area has a number of small parks and reserves as well as some sporting facilities. Lambton park, Lewis Oval, Rudd Park and Acacia Avenue Reserve provide sporting fields and children’s equipment. There is a large swimming centre, tennis facilities, a bowling club and a cycle way linking to Jesmond.

Schools Lambton Primary School, Lambton High School and St John's Prinary School are located in the suburb.

Transport Options

As main roads border the Lambton area, the public bus system is easily accessible. However, bus routes do not enter Lambton residential areas or the main commercial road of the suburb.

Commercial Centre Elder Street provides Lambton with necessary mixed businesses. The street is not near a main road but is still successful in serving the local community.