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What does home contents insurance cover?

The first step in understanding what home contents policies cover is knowing what contents insurance is. Generally speaking, contents insurance covers household items belonging to you and your household and may include things such as sporting items and items not permanently attached to the building. Some policies may require you to take out additional coverage

Should you buy a modern home or a period home?

Whether it’s the ceiling roses typical of Victorian homes or bay windows from the federation architecture era, period homes certainly are alluring. However, while some find the unique and detailed furnishings hard to resist, others are turned away by the thought of costly repairs and heritage regulations and prefer more modern dwellings with all the

Understanding Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is probably the biggest cost you’ll need to budget for when buying a house. Also called transfer duty, stamp duty is a tax on property by Australian state and territory governments, paid at settlement or shortly after, when ownership of a property is transferred. The amount of stamp duty you’ll pay varies depending

How to recognise bad investment property advice

Bad investment property advice isn’t always apparent straight away. Remember, property is a long-term investment. Buy well, and your investment returns can be significant. But if you don’t, a dud investment property could cost you a lot of money. For example, an investment property in a poorly chosen or oversupplied area could remain untenanted for

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