There are four suburbs bearing the name Hamilton – Hamilton North, Hamilton South, Hamilton East and Hamilton. The former three suburbs are primarily residential, with the latter providing the commercial centre of the area. Hamilton is now a thriving business district considered to be the cosmopolitan capital of Newcastle. Hamilton has an active Hamilton Business District Committee which organises events such as the Hamilton Music, Food and Wine Festival.


Hamilton became a municipality on 11 December 1871. It was named in honour of Edward Terrick Hamilton, the then Governor of the board of directors of the A.A Co. The A.A Co. were instrumental in the growth of the area, operating the mines and owning most of the land. Hamilton was originally known as Pittown, Borehole or Happy Flat. Hamilton’s early history dates from the discovery of coal roughly opposite St Peter’s Church in the part of Hamilton known as Cameron’s Hill. A borehole was sunk and a shaft was completed in 1849 and known as the D Pit, or borehole. Pittown grew up somewhere in the vicinity of today’s Beaumont street to service the needs of the miners and their families. Hamilton increased in importance when the trainline and station were constructed in January 1887. The Hamilton area was growing rapidly, by 1928 there were over 400 retail outlets having increased from 80 in 1909.

Sport and Recreation

Facilities Hamilton is home to sporting fields and local parks. A centrepiece is Gregson Park on the corner of Tudor and Steel Streets. Gregson Park includes children’s play equipment, picnic facilities, tennis courts and the Hamilton Bowling Club. Other parks include Learmonth Park and Henry Park in Hamilton South and Corona Street Reserve in Hamilton East.


Hamilton Public School is in Tudor Street and can be contacted on 02 4969 3577, Hamilton North Public School is in Jackson Street, Broadmeadow 02 4969 3695 and Hamilton South Public is in Kenrick Street, Merewether 02 4969 3795.

Transport Options

All parts of Hamilton are an easy bus ride to and from the Newcastle CBD. The Hamilton bus depot is located in the corner of Gordon and Everton Streets. There are bus stops clearly marked along various locations.

Commercial Centre

Hamilton’s main street, Beaumont Street, boasts a vibrant multicultural atmosphere providing an array of restaurants, retail, fashion and commercial outlets along with day to day services such as pharmacies, banks, florists, hairdressers, fruit shops and delicatessens.

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