The Your Agency Report- April 2019

You would have to be living under a rock not to know the property market in Newcastle is slowing down. We have certainly been seeing signs of it all year. We know it and buyers certainly know it. The media is certainly playing their part in the negative reporting.

Despite all this doom and gloom we are still selling houses week in week out! It simply means your agent must work harder than ever before and get everything 110% from Day 1. You can no longer give it a try and then change your strategy or price guide within a few weeks!

Buyers will no longer “play the game” and be mucked around by agents; and the market is no longer putting the deals together for the agent. Transparency is the only way to go in this market, buyers expect clear price guides that can be validated by recent sales, clear and concise communication from the agent, they expect floor plans and Pest & Building reports to be provided; everything they need to make an educated decision to move forward with an offer or to keep looking for better value elsewhere!

Now that the royal commission into the banking sector has been completed we are hopeful that the lending process will be easier to navigate for potential purchasers. Throw in another election just to make things even more interesting, hopefully we will see a return to normality by the middle of the year.

Now more than ever it is important for people to make informed property decisions and we encourage you to speak with our team regarding buying, selling or any of your property management needs.

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