Who we are

In 2010, David Caldwell founded Your Agency to ensure he could provide a better service and experience for clients and a better work-life balance with family.

David established a successful real estate sales business over a number of years, with his unparalleled personalised service to each and every client. Long-term friend and mortgage broker, Chris Rousos was always somebody who David had looked up to and went to for business advice.

Keen for a change of industry, Chris presented David with an opportunity to join forces and become business partners; Chris would solely focus on developing systems for future expansion whilst implementing a Property Management division.

This would ensure future growth for the company and maintain the focus on David’s vision for the future. Your Agency has an established reputation as a small family boutique business – with around 80% of clients being referrals from past clients.

Your Agency clients come from life attracting life. From the dog park to the sidelines of under 12s Touch Football oval, David and Chris form true bonds with their clients in all areas of the community. Not only that, everyone becomes lifelong friends too.

Your Agency wants to be seen as industry leaders, not as leaders in sales. To David and Chris, industry leaders are role models not for making the most sales or being money hungry, but for providing a quality personalised experience that people feel good about and want to share. There is an emphasis on harnessing the right technology to streamline processes so that David and Chris always have capacity to stay client facing.